18 Hackers. 10 days.1 Hawaiian Mansion.

$0 for Job-Hunting Engineers / Designers. $1150 for Founders.

Building a startup is an adventure.
We're making that more literal.

If you are selected, you'll meet us in sunny Hawaii in our swanky workaway compound. For 10 days you'll live and learn alongside other hackers while you work on your startup or side project. Along the way you'll meet new friends, get a solid 4 hours a day of work done, and enjoy some amazing adventures.

We're accepting applications for our fourth workaway on September 16-25, 2014. We accept solo hackers or designers, or teams of up to 3. The per-person fee of $1150 covers housing and food (but not airfare).

For engineers or designers looking to join a startup, we have 4 free slots available, sponsored by Wefunder (you are not obligated to join any startup or do any work - just be in good-faith open to a new gig).


Who is running this thing?

Nick Tommarello, Nick Plante, Greg Belote, and a few others. We're all YC and Techstars alums. Nick and Greg work mostly on Wefunder these days.

Why are you doing this?

Mainly, we like meeting cool people. We believe magic happens when a bunch of smart people are stranded in an exotic getaway. We hope life-long friendships will form.

How luxurious is this? What's included?

You can count on some sort of bed (or sofa) in a swank place, dinners, and wifi. Otherwise, this ain't the Ritz. If there's a problem, we hope you can fix it yourself!

When do I find out if I'm accepted?

We'll let everyone know by September 8th at the latest. Last year, we had over 300 applications for 15 spaces, so it's somewhat competitive.

What kind of people will attend?

Those with the startup spirit who "get stuff done" and JFDI. Designers, engineers, & founders are all welcome.

What is the work/life balance?

We're all adults - it's up to you. But we're targeting 4 hours of work per day. Along with 4 hours of mandatory fun.

How much 'official programming' is there?

We're keeping it light. Every day, we have a group dinner at 7pm. We also have a few optional adventures planned.

Have you done this before?

Yeah! We do it about once a year. In the past, we've been to Costa Rica, Thailand, and Greece.

Are you guys making money?

No. We're doing this at cost.

Q&A for Free Spaces for Job-Hunting Engineers and Designers

Am I under any obligations?

No! None! Zero! You are not obligated to join any startup or do any work for any startup. We only ask that you - in good faith - be open to a new job opportunity.

Seriously? This seems to good to be true.

We like being around really interesting and motivated people, and if it's a good fit, we're confident things will just work out. We don't like obligating anyone to do anything.

What is the interview process like to get accepted for a free spot?

If you are among the finalists, you'll recieve a 15 minute phone call. That's it - no technical tests.

What kind of jobs are there?

Wefunder is hiring a visual designer, a front-end engineer, and a Rails engineer: here's their jobs page. We'll add more jobs from other startups when we know who is attending.

What is covered? How about my airfare?

Your lodging and food is 100% covered. Your flight, however, is not (it costs about $550 from SF round trip).

Can I do consulting work?

If you'd like, there will be some small projects (10-20 hours) that you can work on during the program, paid at your normal rate. This could easily pay for your plane ticket. You are, however, under no obligation to consult.

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Deadline: September 7, 2014

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