Building a startup is an adventure.
We're making that more literal.

If your team is selected, you'll meet us in sunny Mykonos Greece in our swanky workaway compound. For 10 days you'll live and learn alongside other founders while you work on your startup. Along the way you'll meet new friends, get a solid 8 hours a day of work done, and enjoy some amazing adventures.

  • It's like going to "camp" when you were a kid (the social atmosphere)
  • Mixed with an intensive 8 hours a day of "getting it done"
  • Sprinkled with a dash of Greek island work-life balance
  • Accompanied by the sweet sounds of crashing waves

We're accepting applications for our third workaway on June 10-19, 2013. We accept single founders, or teams of up to 3, and the per-person fee of $1050 covers all the basic costs (except airfare). We supply housing, food, and fun. You just need to bring yourself, your passion, and some mad skills.

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Who is running this thing?

Nick Tommarello, Nick Plante, Greg Belote, and a few others. We're all YC and Techstars alums.

Why are you doing this?

Because we all thought it was a kick-ass idea! We believe magic happens when a bunch of smart people are stranded in an exotic getaway. We hope life-long friendships will form.

How luxurious is this? What's included?

You can count on some sort of bed (or sofa), dinners, daily maid service, and wifi. Otherwise, this ain't the Ritz. If there's a problem, we hope you can fix it yourself.

Who gets the Master Bedroom? Who gets the couch?

We'll decide via sumo wrestling matches. Unless you have a bad back or something - then we can make sure you get a nice comfortable bed.

What kind of people will attend?

Those with the startup spirit who "get stuff done" and JFDI. Developers, designers, engineers, & founders are all welcome.

What is the balance between work and play?

We're all adults - it's up to you. But we're targeting 8 hours of solid work per day. Along with 3 hours of mandatory fun.

How much 'official programming' is there?

We're keeping it light. Every day, we have a group dinner. We also have a few adventures & expeditions planned.

How does mentorship work?

Everyone who attends the workaway is a peer - we help each other.

Am I welcome if I don't have a start-up idea?

Yes! As long as you spend your time helping other start-ups.

Are you guys making money? Do you want our equity?

No on both counts! We're probably losing money. Free to sponsor us!

Can I organize my own Startup Workaway?

We plan on it. Stay tuned for more info.

Deadline: May 10th, 2013

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16 startup founders. 10 days. 1 Greek mansion.
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